Classic Caterers Sdn Bhd is a unique and absolutely a HALAL based company in Malaysia with over 30 years of combined experiences in catering and event planning. Classic Caterers Sdn Bhd has been around since 1991 and we cater for any occasions for personal or corporate event, such as business meeting, cocktail, dinner, wedding, farewell, annual dinner, birthday party and more than you expect.


Great achievements and creations usually start as a simple idea. We always have a good idea of what kind of services do our customers want and deserve and we set out to make this idea come true through determined effort and passion. We desire to make our customers look good and feel fantastic at the event to create lasting memories. Therefore, Classic Caterers is extremely emphasizing on the quality of our work.
We can look after all the important aspects of your event and taking that responsibility of your shoulders. As we have build relationships and are aware of various venders who have all the essential services to make your event impressive, it only makes sense to leave the planning to us.


Who are the people behind us? Classic Caterers made up of few teams that have agreed to band together to meet our goals. Our teams are efficient, friendly, polite, and well presentable at all times.



For over a century, Classic Caterer’s top management has provided vision and direction that has built this great company. They are the individuals who figure out how our service can be improve and provide the best service to our valued customers.


sales-teamSALES TEAM
Through a combination of direct personalized and professional conversations, combined with highly effective communication skills, the sales team of Classic makes sure that our prospective customers deserve to get the best services. They are individuals who are resourceful, competent and committed to the value of customer service.
- Annie Cheong ( Sales Manager )
- Siti Rahyu ( Senior Sales Executive )
- Vincent Tiong ( Sales Representative )
- Catherine Choong ( Sales Co-ordinator )



They are the individuals who scout each event site and interface with event contact. They will take on all aspects of the event marketing from arranging promotions to marketing campaigns and liaising with client and ensure the event go smooth from time to time.



Our chefs of many years experience have a strong passion for cooking and have their own specialty to produce high-end restaurant quality catering to budget catering. Also, with our friendly and professionally trained staff we can offer unparalleled services to ensure that your dining experience is a successful and truly memorable one. As we are in an industry that is forever changing in trends, we constantly create creative menus combinations of healthy and superb food and impeccable style. Our cookhouse team  have been well trained  in Kursus Asas Kebersihan Makanan. Beside, our staff are all gone through medical checkup and Typhoid Vaccination every 3 year to make sure it meet every hygiene standard.